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15 Fun Fall Activities To Get You Outside

The feeling of giving and the pride of doing hard work is always worth it and will hopefully inspire your children to want to do/give even more. It’s quite amazing to look up at a giant oak tree and know it started as a tiny little acorn. Kids are fascinated with acorns and we love finding different varieties of them on our hikes and walks. There’s a tree in our neighborhood that produces some of the largest acorns I’ve ever seen and my kids collect them by the pocketful. We usually have quite a collection in the clubhouse by wintertime (if the squirrels don’t get to them first). Get your kids interested in acorns by spending some time going on an acorn hunt.

Spiders may have a sinister reputation , but we can change that by teaching our kids just how amazing and beneficial these little helpers are. The next time you’re out and about, go on a hunt for a spiderweb. See if you can find one intact and study the intricacies. Ask your kids to take a guess as to how long it took the spider to make that web, why she chose that location and how much food she catches in it daily. Getting them thinking of these things will get them to see spiders in a new light with a new appreciation for how hard they work. Botanical gardens are some of the most magical, relaxing places.

If you have a patch of land, you can start a layer compost pile. If not (or if you live in the city/suburbs), you can use an enclosed tumbler to keep animals out. Teach your kids what food scraps can be composted and let them help with the entire process.

If you have tried all of our Fall Activities in Utah, you can also check out our Unique Halloween Adventures post. This house is so unique that they create their own music. The projections cover the entire house, and the show lasts about 20 minutes. Toddler ApprovedDecorate your fall tree using a scooter board.Golden Reflections BlogDress up in fall-themed clothing and have a harvest dance. Explore the resources below and start your outdoor living project.

Plus, we’ve got the best fall projects for kids right here. Spend time on a swing.Preferably under a tree whose leaves are changing color. Court fall’s most colorful stars by taking a stroll around the ‘hood or hiking a tree-lined trail. From exploding pumpkins to learning about why leaves change color, we’ve got easy experiments you can set up in the afternoon.

Discover local kid perks at gardens near you here. Taking to the seas is a great way to leaf peep from a fresh angle. You can rent one from Boatsetter, which connects you to local boat owners so you can take their craft for a spin for the day (with or without a captain—your choice). And don’t worry, insurance is included with the price of your rental. So many of fall’s greatest delights trigger memories of childhood nostalgia.

Dave and I hope to get out to the White Water Center again and do some canoeing this fall! We are hoping that once the summer heat is over, there will be less boats on the water so this will be a calmer experience. Whenever you go out on the lake or river, be sure to follow all safety guidelines.

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